Jazz Balance Save Code: How To Save Your Jazz Balance (100% Working Method)

Are you looking for jazz codes and struggling to save your balance? We will discuss the Jazz balance save code service in detail through this content. It is a recently launched service by jazz for its users. You can save your extra balance while using the internet. 

What was the purpose of launching a balance saver service? Oftenly your balance is used while activating your internet data. Your balance is usually deducted If you are using data without Packages or if you have activated Packages and still have extra balance.

What Is Jazz Balance Service?

It was terrible for a jazz user, the fact that the balance was washed aways without knowing or if the data was accidentally left activated. So jazz came up with the solution to save your jazz balance and use it when it’s needed. 

How To Save Your Jazz Balance?

Jazz services are used by over 68 million members. It is still improving and updating its services as time passes. It has always tried to come up with the best offers and services to help its customers.

You can use this service for your benefits like if you are out of the internet, your balance will not be used. With balance saver service your credit will be kept safe even If you have forgotten to turn off your data before you purchase credit. This service is just a code away. Carry along to find out Jazz balance save code.

Jazz Balance Save Code

It is very simple and easy to remember and share with your jazz users. The Jazz balance saving service code is *275#

How to activate service using code:

  • Go to phone icon and open dial pad
  • Write the code *275# using number keys
  • In few seconds you will receive a confirmation message 
  • Congratulations you have activated Jazz balance saving service 

This offer is given to all Jazz users. The amazing thing about this service is that it’s free of cost. It is easy to activate as well as deactivate. If you’re not comfortable with this service you can dial code  *275*4# to deactivate this service.

Second Way Of Saving Jazz Balance 

There is another way to save your remaining credit. It’s called Doosra Balance Service. The way it works is to create another balance account on your Jazz sim and transfer your balance to Doosra Balance account. This account is used to reserve and lock your balance. 

Using the code mentioned below, you can transfer your amount from the Doosra Balance account to your mobile account. It depends upon you how much balance you are willing to transfer. There are no restrictions you can either transfer the credit or the amount you need.

It is essential to know that this service is not free and an amount will be deducted on every transfer balance. Doosra Jazz balance saving account code is *869#. For more information on Jazz balance saver read below.

Information About Doosra Balance Service Account 

Got activation dial the doosra balance service code *869# and get a message. The received message will confirm your subscription to this account. On dialling it again, you will see three options 

  • First is to choose your desired option.
  • Dial the phone number to activate 
  • You will be charged Rs. 1+tax every time you transfer your balance to the main account. 

You can unsubscribe this offer any time just dial *869*3# to deactivate.

Benefits Of Using Doosra Balance Saving Service Account 

If you are a Jazz or Warid user, Doosra Balance Saving Service is free to subscribe. You can lock/keep safe your amount in this account for as long as you like. By using Doosra Balance saving Service you will not lose/cut your balance even if data is on or you are out of internet.


This is an informational Pakges for you to save and lock your extra credit in your phone. Use the codes mentioned above with details to activate your balance saver account. You can use the saved balance whenever needed. If you are out of Pakges just use the saved balance and reactivate your data plan from anywhere.

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