How To Check The SCOM Number? (Info Guide)

If you do not know how to check the Scom number, then look no more because I have all the details you want. I would like you to stay with me and read along to learn about SCOM and how to check the SCOM number.

Pakistan has the most amazing and beautiful two hill station at Gilgit-Balochistan. Due to this, this area is very dangerous. Lots of people live there in un- natural climate using the SCOM sim network 

In AJ&K and Baltistan, SOCM provides 3g and 4g services. It is a popular network with millions of users. its responsive service works in every weather at hill peak to keep connecting us with each other.

How to Check SCOM Number

To check your SCOM sim number, the service has given three options. You can use them to check your number whenever you want. Now keep on reading, I have detailed all the information Below.

Let’s Start With The Three Main Method That Are Used

  • The official number checking codes
  • Application to Check SCOM Number
  • Finally calling the helpline 

First Method:The Official Number Checking Code

To check your SCOM Number use the following code mentioned below for you. It will cost you RS 0.01 only and it will work with both postpaid and prepaid sim cards.

How To Check Using Code

  • Dial the code number*999#
  • Click on phone icon to call
  • It will cost 0.01 rupee
  • Finally you will have the SCOM number on your screen. 

I feel this is the easiest way to check your number. It doesn’t cost anything and you can use this code anywhere you are located in Balochistan.

Second Method:Check You Own Number Using The Application

For this method, all you need to do is to install the SCOM application if you haven’t installed it yet. After installation use the following steps:

  • Open up you app
  • On top left corner you will see details relating you SCOM number
  • You number plus remaining balance
  • You can also use the app to tack your data balance as well as your account balance and more

This is also the best and easiest way to check your SCOM Number. I find this method the best because I can also check other details relating to this network. 

Final method: Call The Helpline ( SCOM Services Centre)

If you are not easy with both methods mentioned above then this is the final method to call the helpline service agent of SCOM. Keep in mind that calling a helpline may cost a little. 

Using helpline services you can also find information about your sim, data plans, and balance if you’re prepaid or postpaid. You can also check out what packages are suitable for you and how to do that, just following the following instructions

  • Call on 111-726-726
  • You will be forward to costume helpline 
  • Now choose the option to talk to the helpline services
  • You will be charged RS 2.01 for this call
  • The agent he/she will provide your number and related information you need.

These are the basic easy methods for checking your SCOM number and if you have any complaint according to your network or any other issues. You can call the same number mentioned above(111-726-726) 

Features Of SCOM

Why is this sim so usable in the area of Balochistan, Azad Jammu and also kashmir? Because of the unstable weather this network is used in Balochistan. It’s the first GSM sim used in these areas. Over 450 major cities, towns and villages are using SCOM for communication. 

It was launched by the state communication organisation in 2004 under the brand name SCOM. Since it’s being used by Kashmir, Azad Jammu and specifically Balochistan.

Terms And Conditions

  • You can only check you own sim number
  • SCOM changes sim checking codes so stay updated
  • If the sim checking number code is working call on the helpline.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Code Of SCOM?

Read the article above for the answer.

Does SCOM Sim Work All Over Pakistan?

Yes you can use this network wherever you go. 

Is Scom Legall In Pakistan?

SCOM sim works in non-PTA approved phones all over Pakistan due to noun reasons. It is a legal network and is being used by millions of people in Pakistan.


SCOM is a reliable network and has been used in Pakistan since 2004. It’s mainly used in Kashmir, Balochistan and Azad Jammu. I am also using this network on my non pta approved mobile phone and it’s amazing.

If you are also a SCOM user then read the article. All The information is mentioned above with details and usage. Read well and follow. Thank you!

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