How To Check Zong Number? (100% Working Method)

if you forgot your Zong sim number then no worries we can help you in finding your zong number. If you have found a zong sim from somewhere and you want to find its Zong number, keep on reading and find out how to check the zong number? 

Zong 4G, the most used by telecom operators in Pakistan. Main ambition of Zong is to facilitate a fully connected environment for its citizens. It’s providing the technological edge in 4G LTE. Right now in Pakistan it is the  most reputable and affordable network in the market.

Zong, immensely learned from the research and experience of China Mobile and Communications Corporation. It is the largest telecom service provider around the world in this age, thus permitting cutting-edge, state-of-the-art services to its users

How To Check A Zong Number?

If you are finding it difficult to memorise your phone number then no problem!It’s very simple and easy to find out your sim number. There are different method of location your number, Just follow the step as I have written below;

Zong Number Checking Codes and method 

First Method 

  • Open the dial pad on your phone. 
  • Dial *8# 
  • Your zong phone number will instantly appear.


  • No need of balance
  • No extra hidden charge
  • Easy to remember the code
  • Use anywhere/anytime 

Note: if this code doesn’t apply then try dialling*2#.

Second Method 

  • In this method go to your dial pad again
  • Dial *100# 
  • Your phone number will appear on your phone screen 

This method is also free of cost. You can check zong number without having balance in your phone 

Third way of checking zong number

  • Go to your  text message app
  •  Compose a new text message.
  •  write MNP in the text
  •  send it to 667.
  • Wait for few seconds
  •  You will receive a text message detailed with your Zong number, activation date and owner name.

Note: This method is not free. By using the texting method you will be charged so make sure to have some credit in your phone sim.

Final Method 

For this method you will have to contact the service operator and how to do that is method below

  • Dial 310 
  • Listen to the option carefully
  • Select 0
  • Your call will be forwarded to a zong operator

 You can request the operator about all the details including your phone number. Zong operators will provide you details about your sim, name and number.

This method does also accrue some credit. The operator may ask you some questions to confirm that it’s your personal phone number.

Using this method is secured while it’s your own sim. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to check the zong number?

It is really very simple. I have mentioned all the methods with Instructions above in my article. Read it carefully and check your zong number with the way you like the most.

How to check zong numbers without balance?

I have also mentioned this in the article. There are two methods to check without any balance/credit. Read the first and second Method for this.


I am very poor at remembering numbers. I also use these methods when needed. I am also a zong user and I have also tried all these methods when I needed to. I often forget my number and this is how I check my zong number. 

All of these methods are very simple and easy to use. Whenever you forget your phone number use these mentioned methods to check your zong number. I hope you find this information useful. Thank you!

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