How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem (4 Easy Methods)

Popular video game series PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) has gained immense popularity and huge fans in the game industry. It also witnessed different setbacks just recently. PUBG is an addictive game and it was banned. It became a threat to the sovereignty, integrity, and defense of India plus to some other countries. Due to which several gamers went on the hunt for different solutions to get their hands on this absolutely addictive and engaging game. it’s being played on mobile phones as well as PCs. 

If your Game isn’t working, install the Korean version of PUBG on your Mobile. But this does not solve the actual complication. A lot of fans complained about not being able to log in and play. while it tumbled message 

  • Network Error
  • Login Failed
  • Please Check Your Network Settings

The PUBG service suggested its users reset their game client to Log-in. Rest of the details are mentioned below for you. Keep on Going to find out How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem.

What Is PUBG Mobile Login Error?

Mobile login error is an internet error that may occur while trying to log in to PUBG from your Mobile phone. Whenever this error appears, users are not able to access the app to play the game. Weirdly, in some rare cases users have reported that after updating their Twitter, login issues started to appear.

What Is Login Failure?

Login failure may occur due to an unstable account. if your password has expired you may have to face failed login issues. Failed to login please try again may appear while you try to login to PUBG from your Mobile. Some mobile Login errors may appear like

  • Network error login failed due to PUBG login without VPN
  • Network error login failed because of  PUBG emulator in game loop
  • Failed to login please try again PUBG Mobile due to network problem 
  • PUBG Mobile network error login failed in PC may occur due slow speed.

What Causes PUBG Mobile “Network Error, Login Failed” Issue?

Due to the massive influx of players, especially after the F2P update it could cause PUBG mobile network error issues. Some issues occur due to

  • Bad Internet connection. 
  • The game server is under maintenance. 
  • Your ISP may have blocked your game from their DNS platform.

How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem

Method one: Change Your Device Region

You can trick your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by changing your device region of your smartphone, to access the game platform and certain services that are banned to use. To change the device region follow the step mentioned below 

  •  Open Settings on your phone. 
  •  Go to the “Additional Settings” 
  • Locate the “Region” select and change the current location to another. 

This method may help in fixing errors in PUBG  Mobile without any distractions. 

Important Point To Keep In Mind

The battle royale game is banned in the following countries

  • India
  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Jordan
  • Israel, Korea
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq

Do not select these countries for fixing errors.

Second Method: How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem

Many users have reported issues in PUBG mobile while playing games. We advise you to use a game booster application to avoid issues. I’ve been personally using Smart Phone Cleaner to eliminate lag and unresponsive controls while playing games on mobile. 

  • Simply install the app
  • Go to the Game SpeedUp module
  • Add the games you wish to boost performance  

Third Method: Use DNS

DNS is the inhibitor of your device. It communicates your device in the binary language of the Internet. DNS Changer & Net Speed Test can be used To resolve the PUBG Mobile Network Error Login Issue

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  •  Find DNS Changer & Net Speed Test application
  • Install and allow the app necessary permissions
  • Run the app
  • Change your device’s DNS address

Make sure that you run the DNS Changer & Net Speed app in the background, while playing PUBG To Fix Pubg Mobile Login problem

Forth Method: How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem

Login problems may occur due to the poor internet connection. Please experience PUBG Mobile at places with good internet connections. I have some tips to repair got you follow 

  • Change the connection to 4g or wifi
  •  Log out the account
  • Quit the game and delete some data from your device and log in again.
  • Select the button “ sửa chữa” on the right side of the Login screen.
  • Download and reinstall PUBG again

If a problem still exists then please send the picture/problem code to the technical department of PUBG for best care,support, and future details.

You can also try the following:

  • Change your connection method 
  • Log out of your account and login again 
  • Exit the game and clear some space on your device

Note: before you log out remember that if you are playing as a guest it may erase your progress.

  • Tap the Repair Button on the right side of the screen to repair PUBG MOBILE.

If the issue still persists then send PUBG consumer screenshots or error codes for them to investigate further.


I hope you found this guide useful for tackling. How To Fix PUBG Mobile Login Problem. PUBG I’d one of the best-played games nowadays and have been leading throughout. Further some issues were banned in some countries but there were many alternatives to still keeping on playing the game.

Due to restrictions, there were many issues like login problems. I have mentioned all the issues and their fixing methods. I hope these may become useful for you. Keep on reading for more information on different topics. Thank you 

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