How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without A Card? (Secured Guide)

Are you aware that the withdrawal money process has been changed? In the fast-paced world, there is much to know. Now you will not need a debit or a credit card to withdraw your transactions. Let’s delve into the new money withdrawal process using an ATM.

Our big discussion topic is How To Withdraw Money From an ATM Without a Card. It is simple and easy. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about taking cards with you. Besides that, the conning of money cards is reduced using this new process.

How To Withdraw Money From An ATM Without A Card

The simple process of withdrawing money from an ATM without a card is mentioned below. Remember, this process is not used by all banks. Keep track and information regarding the bank you are connected with. If your bank also provides a cardless ATM facility, use the process written for ease.

Even though financial technology is reducing regular cash transactions and making it convenient to receive cash on demand, cardless ATMs are one of the ways that permit you to use ATM transactions using your mobile phone bank applications.  

What are cardless ATMs?

Cardless ATMs give you access to your account.  It allows you to withdraw cash without the use of a card. Besides, it depends on account verification through text messages or banking apps handled from your mobile devices.

Methods Of Cardless ATMs Transactions 

There are some ways used to function cardless ATMs. These include 

  • Quick response (QR) codes
  • Near-field communication (NFC)
  • Verification codes
  • Biometric verification

How Are These Functions Used?

In this rapid world of development, there are so many things to unravel. We will unleash the use of cardless methods for your better understanding. 

First Method 

QR Codes

To use this method follow the instructions steps to step guided below.

  • First, set up your mobile withdrawal banking app using your account information. 
  • The cardless ATM will display a QR code on its screen.
  • Now scan the QR code using your phone.
  • Now you can dispense your withdrawal.

Second method 

Near-field Communication (NFC)

Apple Pay uses NFC technology. Using NFC at a cardless ATM follows a straightforward method.

  • Firstawal, open the app on your mobile.
  •  Now choose the linked bank account to withdraw 
  • Next, place your device against the designated reader of the cardless ATM.
  • Finally, complete the transaction by typing in your PIN.
  • Your withdrawal is complete by using a card.

Third Method

Verification codes

This method involves installing the bank’s app on your device and selecting the ATM transaction method type you would like to use. These bank apps then provide you with a once-used code. Enter the code at the ATM and your PIN password to withdraw your cardless transition. 

Remember: This code will expire after the set period.

Final method 

Biometric verification

Using your face recognition or fingers print, you can also withdraw cardless transitions. This method is called the biomaterial Method. Additionally, some banks store your biometric data to recognise your identity while using an ATM. You can use it to verify your identity for transactions. This allows you to withdraw cash or perform other functions without Carrying your cards.

What Is The Impact Of A Cardless ATM Facility?

Advantages of using this absolutely thrilling technology. Make yourself smarter with new ways of the development techniques world.


  • Easy to use from anywhere 
  • Access without card
  • Use biometrics for security
  • Best withdrawal process
  • No need to worry about remembering passwords and codes.
  • It is secured
  • No one can steal or hack it
  • Manageable from your phone devices.
  • Easy installation
  • Smart setup and control from your device.


  • It is a bit risky
  • If your device is stolen, it could be dangerous.
  • The transaction system can be slow according to your network signals.
  • If you remember your phone, it would be possible to transact money.
  • You will need good quality internet to place your cordless transactions.
  • Due to some application usage problems, the cardless transaction also can cause a bit of hassle.


Cardless ATMs transactions are convenient and secure. They are a more sanitary way to withdraw cash without carrying cards all around with you. They’re also useful for emergencies while you have your phone with you. Now you can use your digital wallet and smartphones to make cardless transactions wherever you are. Thanks for Reading  

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