How To Login And Connect McDonald’s WiFi (Complete Guide)

Did you know the interesting and enjoyable facility McDonald’s is allowing its customers? You’ll be excited to know that McDonald’s is now offering free WiFi at most of their locations so you can enjoy your meal with entertainment. In fact, these locations provide faster WiFi than most public WiFi networks. 

McDonald is Providing high speeds to download or upload. Now stream movies, games and kids’ entertainment while you enjoy your Big Mac, coffee or family meal. WiFi is used on all devices. Nowadays every device has a WiFi connection option but are you wondering how to connect to McDonald’s WiFi then carry on to find out.

About McDonald’s Wi-Fi Facility

You will be glad to find out that Since 2010, McDonald’s has been offering free, unlimited WiFi. With more than 11,500 of their 14,000 outlets, this facility has made a good profit. Especially when there are no login credentials required to get WiFi access. You can find out if your nearby McDonald’s restaurant has this facility. The locator will help to find the WiFi hotspots by city, state, and zip code. 

If you tap on Filter, you find out if your most visited branch has free WiFi services. Enjoy your favorite meal with free Wi-Fi. Use free Wi-Fi to get your work done. Access the Internet on laptops, tablets or mobile devices with always free WiFi. Just grab a McCafe Latte and log on to enjoy your day ahead. AT&T is the carrier of choice providing free internet connection for its customers.

How To Login And Connect McDonald’s WiFi

How To Connect To McDonald’s WiFi Using Standard Devices.

  • It is a very straightforward method to just Go to Settings and tap on WiFi. 
  • When the slider for WiFi access is turned on, tap McDonald’s Free WiFi from the list of WiFi names that appear on your phone.
  • This network name must be listed in your Choose a Network list.
  • For some reason, If you don’t find McDonald’s Free WiFi then look for network names that are not locked for example like WiFi network names that are used in your countries.
  • Click on the network to produce the connection
  • Now confirm your connection and enjoy your surfing time with a free connection.

Connect To McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Whenever you are within range of a McDonald’s restaurant. You can enjoy a free Wi-Fi network. Just navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings to connect. It is also essential for you to keep in mind that you will have to accept the terms of agreement in order to connect with them. A pop up will appear, select and continue. Now click on the red bar to accept and connect free WiFi.

Connect Your iPhone To McDonald’s Wi-Fi

It is a simple process but let’s go through it if you are having trouble. 

  • Slide from top to bottom of the screen to open the notification panel and shortcut or go to settings and select WiFi.
  • Click on WiFi and activate the bottom right next to the WiFi option.
  • More on that, you will see a list of networks active near you.
  • Now select the particular network you are looking for
  • Click to connect.
  • If your device settings are turned to connect to networks automatically then you will get a McDonald’s Wi-Fi pop-up with terms of agreement. 
  • Accept the terms to continue and connect to enjoy your time while eating.

Login To Sign Into McDonald’s Wi-Fi

You will not need any kind of login to connect, just simply accept the terms of agreement in order to sign into McDonald’s Wi-Fi to enjoy your feast with speedy internet.

Connect Android To McDonald’s Wi-Fi

You will follow the standard Android procedure for connecting to Wi-Fi networks process explained above in the content. But it is important to know that you will need to accept the terms of agreement in order to connect.

Do All McDonald’s Have Free Wi-Fi?

Most restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. It also depends upon your country and region. However, some owner-operators may choose to disable the service because every location has its own terms and limitations.

How Fast Is Wi-Fi?

Speed differs from restaurant to restaurant. It’s based on bandwidth availability. You may know that free WiFi networks are capped to the lowest network prioritisation.

Trouble Connecting To McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

If you are having trouble connecting then make sure to select the correct Wi-Fi network additionally accept the terms of agreement in order to use the connection.


McDonald’s is one of the most visited and loved eating places. It has its quality standards maintained for its customers. If you are a worker it’s a great breakthrough for you to enjoy your meal as well as entertainment. Workers having to work on breaks can also continue while filling up their tummy. How to connect to their Network as mentioned above. Thanks For.Reading

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