How To Change Easypaisa Account Name (Updated Guide)

Are you searching for a method to change the name on your Easypaisa account? If you are then the answer is detailed just keep on digging to learn to change your Easypaisa account name. So come on, let’s begin.

A finest branchless banking service of Pakistan. Easypaisa is a mobile wallet and mobile payments provider. It was formed in 2009 by Telenor. It is also providing its digital payment services via QR code in partnership with Masterpass. Easypaisa is the only GSMA mobile money certified service that has been used for many years across Pakistan.

Change Easypaisa Account Name

If your Easypaisa account has an incorrect name or spelling then it is surely necessary to change it to correct it. Now it might be hard just thinking about changing your Easypaisa account name but actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. It is also very important to change and correct your name because it is Pakistan’s most popular online transaction service. 

To continue your online transaction without a mistake your name should be accurate. We have shared some by which you can easily change your account name. Let’s delve to discover.

Use Messenger To Change Your Name [Stepwise Guide]

You may know that Easypaisa provides customer support services using Facebook Messenger. This is an easy way to communicate and get your troubles sorted. How to use messenger service follow the instructions below.

  •  You have to contact them on the official page of Easypaisa. 
  • You will be asked for your Easypaisa account number.
  •  Make sure to have your CNIC number associated with your account.
  • The customer agent will take some time to solve your problem.
  •  It is the easiest and most simple way to change your name on your Easypaisa account.

Easypaisa Helpline

You can you’re the Easypaisa helpline service to change your name on your account.

Telenor users

If you are a Telenor user then you have to contact 3737 to retain service. After calling on the number mentioned, explain your problem with details that will be asked to confirm your account, for example, a CNIC number. It is very important because your acid base is your ID card number. It will take a little time and your problem is going to be solved.

Non Telenor Users

If you are not a Telenor user or if your account is created on Zong, Jazz, or Ufone then you can contact through using the following numbers. 042-111-003-737

Using your CNIC number and the information asked from the agent you will change your name in no time.


Sometimes it seems hard work when it comes to changing your account information but it’s not as tricky as we think. We just have to know about the right process. I Nazish Khan is willing to provide my services through information. 

My mission is to make your life easier with the easiest and most accurate information. I hope this is going to be helpful for you. Follow the methods to correct your name on your account. Thanks For Reading

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