Piso Wifi Pause Time: Controlling Your Internet Usage Made Easy


Do you want to set up a new Piso WiFi connection? Then you’ve come to the place where you’ll find answers to all your questions. We will cover everything you need about Piso WiFi Pause and its features. Let’s limelight how to enable and disable the Piso WiFi pause from your device.

What is Piso WiFi Pause?

Piso WiFi is a portmanteau of Piso, which means one peso in the language of the Philippines. The Philippines’ most outstanding internet provider is PISONET. It was founded in 2017 and rose to popularity quickly by Piso WiFi Users.

It is accessed using coins in its system. Piso was launched in 2011 and later in 2017. It was replaced by Piso wifi. Piso WiFi Pause is a function. It is typically used to pause the time of your wifi network. 

IT will help you to set a timer according to your planner. The question is why one wants to set the timer to its network connection. Well, then, let me make it lighter for you to understand. Using this great function, you can set time for your wireless networks to keep them under your control. 

Piso pause will help you to pause excessive use of the internet. Many of you use package-based internet with limitations. They should set daily usage to keep it going for the period it stays. Using this system, you can also keep track of your children’s internet timings.

While using Piso, you can control the excessive use of your internet in many ways. You can customise net usage according to your need for the default time intervals for the Piso WiFi Pause. The time for pause is set from minutes to hours.

Why Is Piso WiFi Pause Time Used?

We are clear that Piso WiFi Pause is used to halt or pause your net connectivity temporarily. Piso WiFi provides internet access for a fee, and the Pause Time feature allows Piso WiFi to control internet usage. It ensures that all users get a fair share of internet usage.

Using Pause Time your internet connection is temporarily turned off for a set duration. Activating a pause will help you to save the internet. The fantastic thing about the pause session is that it will be automatically disconnected according to the set time. Piso WiFi gives you many features, including the Pause Time Feature with the Piso WiFi pause time app. The Piso WiFi pause feature lets you stop your internet connection at a set time. Piso WiFi also offers this feature. Piso WiFi pause helps you to save money and your internet. Access to the default Piso WiFi page is available via the IP address, where users can adjust their router settings, such as password, username, and internet timing.

Piso WiFi is one of the Philippines’ most popular and commonly used WiFi services. It is famous due to its affordability and pause time features.  Moreover, Piso WiFi can be attached to all devices, providing fast internet speeds for all uses.

10.10 0.1 Piso Wifi Advantages

Let’s discuss Piso WiFi benefits in detail. How is it one of its kind, and why is it better than other internet services in the market?

User Friendly 

Piso WiFi is user-friendly, allowing you to configure your router settings easily and quickly. You can access your admin interface anytime and from anywhere. 


Piso WiFi routers are very cheap when it comes to price compared with others and have more functions and features.

Easy-to-Remember IP Address

The IP address 10.0.01 is straightforward to remember. Using this IP address, you can access your admin account.

Easy To Navigate

To reach your admin account, you can skip long, lengthy steps. It is elementary for you and others to enter your admin panel and make changes with just a few steps.

Customise Your Settings

You can manage data storage, transfer, and the times pause to use the internet by going to the Admin panel. Customise your settings without any hassle.


Accessing this fantastic WiFi router is simple and can be used by anyone. Even for a newbie, it is easy to use and navigate.

Customer Support

Whenever you need assistance, Piso WiFi provides customer support to contact them for any problematic solution.

Online Payment

The procedure of payments is also effortless. Using the fantastic pause system, you can use your credit card or online banking system to purchase Piso coins and use them as your requirements.

Customise Your Pricing

Using Piso wifi, you can adjust your net pricing according to your time or data usage. You can build your usage structure. 

How To Setup Piso Wifi For Beginners 

Are you a beginner looking for a detailed guide to setting up your Piso wifi? You are absolutely where you should be. So, let’s get started so you can understand how to set up Piso wifi.

You choose the best option in the market which saves you the internet :

  • First, you must buy a Piso Wi-Fi router.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Finally, Attach your router to your device using wifi or the ethernet cable.

How To Set Time Limit Piso wi-fi Pause?

You can set a specific time duration pause for your connection to the internet and save it from being wasted by others. You can also use these steps to set time according to your needs.

  • In the Pause function, search for the option to set a time limit duration.
  • Now, enter the time limit.
  • You can use the minutes or hours you need to pause the internet.
  • Save the changes after applying the time limits, and you are done.

How To Resume Pause?

It is very easy to un-pause or resume your internet connection. Don’t worry. You can always change your settings using this fantastic Piso WiFi pause. To pause the internet, follow the mentioned process.

  • Access your admin panel from your device
  • Follow the steps mentioned earlier above.
  • Go to the Pause function system.
  • Click on the Resume option to unpause the Internet whenever needed.

Different Types of Piso Wifi

Many other Piso WiFi are introduced with different names to differentiate from one another. All information regarding Piso WiFi is mentioned for your ease.

Piso Wifi or Pisonet with IP Address is a private device used to control the internet built by the Philippines & USA. The feature can be downloaded through the Google Play store. Other related WiFi names are mentioned below

  • Jojo piso wifi 
  • ej piso wifi
  • Kim Piso wifi
  • Joy Piso Wi-Fi pause
  • Michael Piso Wifi
  • Liam Piso Wifi 
  • Panay Piso Wifi
  • James Piso Wifi
  • Mel Piso Wifi
  • piso wifi 24/7

We will update on these topics as soon as information is released about Piso WiFi. Piso Wifi Pause Time Advantages 

There are many benefits of this fantastic Piso WiFi Pause system used to use the internet continuously. But let’s discuss in detail why using the fantastic pause feature is helpful.

  • It will help you to partition your net usage.
  • It is helpful to pause the internet.
  • It helps you to save the internet
  • It helps save money.
  • You can restore speed when more than just enough people are using it.
  • You can choose the pause time according to your desire.
  • You can navigate it easily.
  • You can pause your internet whenever it’s needed
  • You pause off any time. PISO Wifi Coin Insert 

You should learn how to use ado piso wifi to insert coins, but it is elementary. Keep reading to find out the coin system usage.

  • Connect to ado piso wifi for a start
  • Now go to the official website of
  • Click on the insert coin option.
  • Now, add the amount of coin you like or have. Issues While Logging

You might face some issues with Piso Wi-Fi white logging in. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out with how to fix these issues. Piso wifi is troubleshooting

If you are having problems accessing your admin portal. Don’t worry. Use the following steps to fix errors.

  • If you are facing an issue while logging in to your admin portal, try using other related IP addresses, such as,, and 
  • Try refreshing your router.
  •  Change your ethernet wire. 
  •  Make sure you use the correct IP address to log in.
  • Check updates if needed.
  • Finally, contact your internet service provider.

All of these options will help you fix any issue in the way of your connection. But if you still have troubleshooting problems, then use the last option. Contact your internet service provider for future details of the fixture.

How Do I Change My 10.0 0.1 Password?

  • Log in to the Admin Tool from the browser using
  • Now scroll to the left-hand menu
  • Pick Gateway after that Connection, and finally click on Wi-Fi.
  • Use a Private Wi-Fi Network for this setting
  • Now you will find the Name of your WiFi network 
  • Edit your old user name.
  • Set a new username you want.
  • To set your password
  • Check the box next to see Network Password.
  • Now you can click, edit and change your password.
  • Now click on save settings to save your new name and password.

Compatible Devices With Piso WiFi

Piso Wi-Fi is compatible with all devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even gaming consoles, as long as your device has Wi-Fi connectivity. Laptops and cell phones are the most common devices used with Piso Wi-Fi. 

You can connect as many devices as possible with your Piso WiFi network. The best option for Piso WiFi is Pause time, which saves your internet while running on many devices. Instead of saying no to anyone, you can activate the pause and disconnect your connection with all the devices.

Disadvantages Piso WiFi Pause 

While the Piso WiFi Pause Function can be extremely helpful, it has some drawbacks.

For starters, it limits access to the network, which can be frustrating for many unlimited internet users. Additionally, activating the Pause Function can lead to dissatisfaction if  Piso WiFi is used in businesses. Moreover, this feature does not allow the admin to restrict access to a specific user.

Purchasing piso/coins to insert for internet usage also feels uncomfortable. Using Piso wifi is restricted because you have internet limitations. They must schedule your internet to keep it going throughout your time limit. You have to add a pause to break the use of the internet; otherwise, you will use all your net at once. 

You can’t share your net freely as it is limited. You will have to use the pause time function for Piso wifi to pause for draining your net being used by others and yourself.

Alternative Of Piso WiFi 

Many other alternative WiFi connections may or may not be as good as Piso WiFi. But some good compatible WiFi connections you can use besides Piso WiFi are mentioned below.

  • Coin WiFi
  • Vendo WiFi
  • Pay-Per-Use WiFi
  • Token WiFi

Note: These are common names that describe WiFi models like Piso WiFi and may vary in different regions or contexts. These are also used in the same terms as Piso WiFi.


You use the service by paying with coins for access to internet usage. It is used in a limited amount, depending on the icon you inserted.


With Vendo, you pay using tokens or vouchers for a fixed net usage. 

Pay Per Use

Users pay based on their usage duration or data with Pay Per Use. You can use the internet as much as you desire by paying along.


You use this type of WiFi with tokens or access codes for specific usage on 9f Internet. This is also limited, like Piso WiFi.

Alternative Apps of Piso WiFi Pause Time

There are many other pause-time applications used to pause internet usage. The Piso WiFi Pause time is used to break your connectivity into parts for Piso WiFi. But for other WiFi companies, for example, if you use Google WiFi network. 

To Pause your internet connection, you must go to its Google admin portal and set a Pause time for your internet connection, or you can use Google Nest and command to pause your internet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Piso Wi-Fi 10.0 0.1 pause time?

 Piso WiFi pause time is a feature or an application used for pausing your internet connectivity. 

How do I pause time on Piso Wi-Fi?

The process of pausing time is written in detail in this content. Read the pause time method mentioned in the step-by-step guide to pause your connection.

What is the password for the 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi login?

You can enter Adim as your password only if you haven’t changed it through settings. Use the code to reach the admin portal. Then enter the administration or admin as your name and password.

How to log in to the 10.0 0.1 admin index?

Go to your browser from the device you are using. Enter in your browser’s search bar. Now, enter your Piso WiFi username and password. Finally, click ok to open your admin index.

How to check your remaining time in Piso wifi?

Login to your wifi admin portal to find out the remaining time. After you have logged in the time will appear on your screen.

What routers use the address?

Most default router IP addresses are, for example, D-link, Netgear, TP-Link, Cisco, Linksys, Dell, Asus, Huawei, and Tenda.

Final Verdict

To add final thoughts, I would say that the Piso WiFi system Pause Function is a valuable feature. This helps you to break the chain of your internet into parts. It helps you to control access usage of your internet limits. It is very famous and commonly used in many countries where it is available.

How to set up Piso WiFi and use the Piso WiFi pause time app is detailed clearly with a step-by-step guide. All the details regarding this fantastic and popular WiFi are listed above in the content. If you have any questions, you will indeed find an answer to it through this content. Thank For Reading

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