How To Check Battery Health On iPhone (Easy Methods)

Do you know that the iPhone has outclassed features that will amaze you? Have you come across the feature of battery health life? Now you can check the iPhone battery’s health and usage. You are able to see information about your iPhone battery health. Learn how your iPhone usage affects the battery level of your iOS. Find out How to Check Battery Health on your iPhone by just keep on reading further.

How To Check Battery Health On iPhone

It is all set in your setting. You can always view or check your battery health on your iPhone. But if you are still confused, follow the detailed instructions. It’s simple and easy to keep records of your iPhone battery health.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Click open your iPhone Settings 
  • Now scroll down to the option of Battery
  • After that, Tap on the Battery Health & Charging option.

Now by clicking on this option, you can find out the health of your battery. Using this absolutely fantastic feature, you can now maintain your battery and use it for a long time. This feature also helps you by showing the battery’s health, whether it’s in need of service or changes.

The iPhone battery health feature displays information about your battery’s 

  • Capacity
  • Peak Performance
  • In Need Of Services

You can also view your battery usage information to keep your battery healthy.

  • Go to Settings
  • Battery
  • Now click on the option to see information regarding your iPhone battery 

NOTE: The information regarding your battery usage and activity appears for the last 24 hours, acceding up to the last 10 days of your battery usage.

Further Information Regarding Your iPhone Battery 

You might see some conditions or using systems or patterns that may cause the iPhone to consume more energy than usual activities. You can also be alert with suggestions for lowering your iPhone energy consumption. If a suggestion appears, go to the corresponding setting mentioned in detail for your ease.

Last Charged

Check the timing of the last charged battery. It indicates how fully the battery was last charged. It will also clear the time it was disconnected. Using this process, you can also check the battery capacity and performance.

Battery Level Graph of Last 24 Hours

This graph will show the battery level. It will also indicate the charging intervals with periods. It means that it will give you information about When your iPhone was in Low Power Mode or critically low condition. Keeping information about your battery will help to maintain its health better.

Battery Usage Graph of Last 10 Days

This graph will show you the percentage of batteries used each day for the last 10 days. Keeping records of your battery life using the 10-day graph will not only help you in battery maintenance but will also alert you about the iOS service it needs.

Activity Graph And Screen On/Off

It keeps you on track of your iPhone activity over time, split by whether the screen of your phone is on or off. If you are not familiar with screen on and screen off, then keep on reading. The option you are finding in your settings of iPhone showing screen on and screen off gives you total activity for the selected time interval.  The Last 10 Days view shows the average daily usage of batteries.

Battery Usage By Applications

The proportion of your battery used by each app on your iPhone in the selected time interval is shown in this option. Now you can keep track of the usage amount of Battery by the applications you are using daily.

Activity By App

It gives you information about the amount of time each application was used for. So, by visiting an app, you can now find out which app is using the most of your battery.

Specific Hour Information About Your iPhone 

To see your iPhone battery information for a specific hour or day. Just tap the time in the graph, and to deselect, just tap outside the graph.

iPhone Battery service 

Battery life and charge cycles provide information about use and settings. The iPhone battery should be serviced on time, and it also should be recycled by Apple or by Apple authorised service providers.


Apple’s most selling product and most famous usable technology are the iPhone. The company makes many new developments to keep your iPhone up to date. This feature of battery health indicates your battery life and health to keep your phone maintained from time to time. Using the health feature, you can find out when and how to maintain your iPhone battery health. For more information regarding happy and healthy iPhone batteries, read the content. Thanks For Reading

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